30 Second Story or My Complicated Way of Explaining My Favorite Color

My name is Andrew and my favorite color used to be orange.

I went out of my way to wear orange clothes. I only ate the orange starbursts. My favorite sport was basketball. I didn’t even like the fruit, I just loved the color.
It was just me and my buddy orange… until a life defining moment in Mrs. Gooden’s 2nd grade class…

We were being separated into groups based on our favorite colors and I quickly realized all of my friends were either going into the blue group or the green group and that I was, in fact, all by my lonesome at a circle table reserved for orange.
no one likes orangeI don’t fault myself for giving up on orange. I didn’t lose my integrity or individuality or sense of self at an early age. I don’t blame peer pressure. It just isn’t fun to sort m&ms or do color related math problems by oneself. Also, how am I supposed to make a rhyming poem about orange?

So, now my favorite color is blue and this is the complicated answer I tell to people who simply want to know what my favorite color is.
all the cool kids like bluethe end

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