up to now

I think the radio design has been my favorite / most successful assignment. I’m really happy so many people have enjoyed it. When I was making it, all I could think of was how epic it would be. If only I had made it bigger. Oh well, I’m going to do that tomorrow.

As for everyone else, I’ve seen a lot of really inspiring work. I loved Sarah’s Super Hero Valentine’s Day cards. They reminded me a lot of Brandon Bird’s Law and Order Valentine’s Day cards, which was a major plus. If we still had little valentine’s bags/boxes in class, I would have printed these out.

I really liked Tempy’s Animated Pokemon Cards. They really bring out the pokedex in all of us. I didn’t have enough time to make my own, but I may try over break.

Also, Colleen’s playlist poetry was one I wanted to try. I have a ton ton ton of music on my poor hard drive (got a back up I’m going to switch to this weekend), I might as well put it to good use.

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