Frame Stories in The Saragossa Manuscript

The Saragossa Manuscript on IMBD
Made using windows movie maker (because I’m stubborn) in about 11 hours with a break for lunch. I wish I would do this in smaller chunks so I could actually blog about the process, but by the time I finish it I have the overwhelming sense of needing to go outside and/or finally eat dinner.

I tried to rip the dvd with vlc player, but I couldn’t find an individual subtitles file. I think it was broken up into a bunch of different files, and so was the video for that matter. I ended up using opensource camstudio (a screen video capture program), which sacrificed a bit of video quality, but this way I could actually cut only scenes I wanted with the subtitles on top.

Windows movie maker crashes a lot if you don’t get it used to publishing video (which is a weird concept), but after you get through the first 1 or two hangups/freezes, it will publish/save video with ease. Save the project file often!

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